Manguning Hotels

Discover Manguning Hotels, a visionary company based in the vibrant city of Bali, striving to carve a prominent niche in the everevolving hospitality market. With our finger on the pulse of emerging trends and an unwavering commitment to exploring new frontiers, we continuously seek out untapped markets.

About Manguning Hotels

Our company is involved in every aspect of the hotel industry, from conceptualization and development to seamless operations. At Manguning Hotels, we offer a unique 1-bucket model that ensures each element is meticulously curated and financially controlled, setting new standards of efficiency.

What truly distinguishes us from competitors are our four pillars: Hospitality, Design, Neighborhood, and Connection. These core values permeate our entire system, shaping authentic and enriching experiences. Moreover, we have invested considerable thought in incorporating environmental paradigms into our conceptual designs, from sustainable materials to a philosophy that embraces harmony. We firmly believe that everything we create must be humanized, fostering a seamless coexistence within our cherished environment.

Our company's environmental sensitivity is fundamental to comprehending the next concept. Understanding what makes a place alive, or dead, the energy within, and the propaganda that surrounds us. As a result, it generates a high level of client interest in our products.

Curiosity and inspiration form the cornerstone of our work culture. We are constantly seeking new ideas, relevant concepts, and clear visions, always striving for simplicity and logical clarity. We firmly believe that simplicity is the ultimate sophistication, and we dedicate ourselves to crafting meticulously clean and well-defined experiences.

Target Audience

At Manguning Hotels, our mission is to cultivate a shared understanding with our clients—a harmonious synergy where ideas flourish, meaningful designs come to life, and effective communication fosters the best possible outcomes. We seek individuals with a young, open-minded spirit—curious, creative souls who resonate with our vision. Our target audience consists of those who grasp the excitement of our processes and operations, demonstrating patience as they witness our growth and eagerly anticipate our success.


Looking towards the future, Manguning Hotels envisions expansive growth throughout Indonesia. We are driven to discover the finest locations, create new flagship brands, and redefine excellence in the industry. As we embark on this journey, we aim to be our own clients, meticulously selecting the best places and seizing prime opportunities to develop exceptional hotels. Our goal is not only to realize our own dreams but also to raise capital that enables our clients to partake in this remarkable journey.

For us, this endeavor is idealistic—a grand project rooted in a strong concept that springs from the very essence of its surroundings. We aspire to connect with clients who truly understand our unique approach, perceiving us as a pioneering force that is shaping a new era for hotel companies. Together, we will challenge conventions, push boundaries, and carve a path that sets us apart as trailblazers in the industry.


Manguning Hotels is poised to become a force to reckon with as we ride the surging wave of the Indonesian economy over the next decade. Our unwavering ambition is to establish ourselves as the preeminent niche hotel, setting a new benchmark for the hospitality industry that surpasses all expectations.

Our sights are set on fame and recognition throughout Southeast Asia. Within the next five years, we will embark on an exciting journey, crafting exceptional hotels that captivate and inspire. Each masterpiece will reflect our unwavering commitment to innovative design, personalized experiences, and guest satisfaction.

At Manguning Hotels, our vision is one of unified growth, where investors and our dedicated team join forces to seize untapped potential. We understand that in the everevolving hospitality industry, opportunities can easily slip away if not promptly embraced. However, armed with the right platform and a solid business framework, we are poised to propel ourselves forward, effortlessly moving towards success and securing the capital necessary for our expansion.

Together, let's transform missed opportunities into remarkable achievements. By fostering collaboration and capitalizing on our strengths, we can navigate the path ahead with confidence. Join us on this exciting journey as we unlock new horizons, harness synergies, and create an environment where growth flourishes.

Our Pillars







Gen Y / Millenials (1977 - 1995)


Contemporary design, entrepreneurship, passionate creatives, Balinese soul and spirit, collaborations, and co-living experiences Locally-rooted food.

Resorts Collections

Develop with us

We are looking for people with a youthful spirit and a curious mind. We would love to collaborate on ideas and meaning in a personal way and challenge conventional methodologies.

Alit Tenaya

(Advisor Director)

Introducing Alit Tenaya, a native of Bali whose journey began in the realm of hospitality, honing his skills within the prestigious confines of 5-star hotels on the island. With a robust knack for hospitality sales, Prabu has orchestrated numerous successful marketing ventures both domestically and internationally, spearheading events within the realm of international tourism.

Now, shifting gears within his career trajectory, Alit delves into the realm of human resources (HR), leveraging his expertise to cultivate talent. Currently, he delves into the intricate art of character analysis based on birth dates or “otonan” within the Balinese calendar.

With over three decades of professional experience under his belt, Alit stands as a trusted advisor and director at Manguning. His strategic position within the company serves as an instrumental force propelling it toward unprecedented success.

Kadek Darmani

(Finance Director)

Kadek Darmani is a finance enthusiast hailing from the vibrant island of Bali. Her love for the financial realm is not just a profession but a passion. Kadek has seamlessly integrated her educational background in accounting into her professional journey, currently serving as an accounting lecturer at one of Bali’s esteemed universities.

Having worked in a 5-star hotel and played a pivotal role as a team member during the opening of two renowned hotels, Kadek has immersed herself in the intricacies of finance within the hospitality industry. This diverse experience has molded her into a seasoned professional with a profound understanding of financial dynamics in the hospitality sector.

As the Finance Director at Manguning, Kadek Darmani holds a key position in the company. The financial pulse of the organization beats in her hands as she skillfully manages budgets, expenditures, and revenues. Kadek’s expertise ensures that the financial landscape at Manguning is not just managed, but optimized for success.

Adi Prawira

(Information Technology Director)

Adi Prawira, the visionary mind born in Bali, ventured into the realm of education, specializing in information technology at a renowned school on the island. Fueled by his passion for the digital world, Adi has evolved into a true expert in the field of technology, carving out a significant role in the digital landscape.

In his current capacity as the Information Technology Director at Manguning, Adi is steering the company towards greater heights. His expertise not only encompasses technology but also plays a crucial role in elevating the company’s presence in the digital domain. Adi’s profound impact is particularly evident in the hospitality sector, where he has introduced a cutting-edge platform for booking systems tailored for agents.

Prima Hartawan

(Corporate Brand and Hotel Director)

A native of Bali, is a highly accomplished Corporate Brand and Hotel Director with a wealth of experience in the hospitality industry. Passionate about both hospitality and creative marketing, Prima has revolutionized the way properties are marketed, ensuring that each one aligns perfectly with the competitive landscape of the area.

As the in-charge for branding and Hotel Director of Manguning Hotel, Prima has showcased exceptional skills in marketing and entrepreneurship. Through his tireless dedication to the industry, he has played a pivotal role in driving the remarkable success of both Manguning Hospitality and Loji Homes, the latter being a company he co-founded.

Nyoman Yudhana

(Corporate Business Development)

Born and raised in the vibrant and culturally rich island of Bali, Nyoman began his remarkable career at the esteemed Ritz-Carlton Bali, where he quickly established himself as a driven and ambitious individual. Throughout his long professional journey in management and hospitality industry, Nyoman has consistently demonstrated his commitment to excellence and his unwavering dedication to both personal and company growth.

Equipped with a Master’s degree in Management, Nyoman possesses a deep understanding of business strategies and a keen eye for identifying growth opportunities and resolving problem. As a Corporate Business Development executive, Nyoman Yudhana brings a unique blend of strategic thinking, industry expertise, and a profound commitment to excellence.

Parisuda Mangun


Born in a Balinese family who loves art, culture, and nature, Parisuda Mangun grew up in an environment that encouraged him to always incorporate these elements into deepening his ideas into his passion in the modern architecture.

He currently put his hands in depth not only on large scale of Architecture-Hospitality projects but also focusing on down to earth development without compromising the creativity and quality of the work. On his pathway and work collaborations with some world- known designer resulting some recognizable international awards.

His long journey in architecture and living in Bali, which is known as a world tourist island, strengthens his way of thinking that an architecture does not start and end only as something beautiful but is a unity born of art, culture, and nature where the design stands to a totally unique experience and sustain on everything that comes into contact with it.